Emma & Killian facing danger side by side like the badass couple they are


Gifset Remake: Emma makes Killian a hero.
Original gifset here

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Once Upon a Time - Frozen Promo (HD)


frozen? (x)

I never thought I was capable of letting go of my first love, my Milah, to believe that I could find someone else.


"All it took was meeting the right person and everything  c h a n g e d.”


Thank you, Mr. Gol- Rumplestiltskin, for believing us. I know that time travel is hard to swallow. Not as hard as the other mystery you’ve presented me.


you deserve someone who listens to you,
hears every word and knows what to do,
when you’re feeling hopeless, lost and confused,
there’s somebody out there who will;

does that surprise you?

when you’ve been fighting for it all your life
you’ve been struggling to make things right
that’s how a superhero learns to fly;